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People to Contact at RTG (800) 677-4784


Tom O'Donnell

(Director of Operations)

Holly Vullo

(Business Manager)


Implant Applications

Holly Vullo

Tom O'Donnell

Sergiy Gamarnyk 

(Surgical Planning)

​Digital Technology
Philip Lopresti Jr.

(Lead Digital Designer / CAD/CAM)


Denture Department  

Jeff Mannion (Manager) 
Tony Buttarazzi (Manager) 

Ceramic Department

Dave Beauchemin (Manager) 

Crown & Bridge Department

Todd Colwell (Manager, Master Technoligist

Cast Partial Department 
Steve Anchor (Manager) 
Ray Durgan (Assistant Manager)

Holly Vullo 

Tom O'Donnell

Lea Palazzo

Human Resources

Sue Barber

Shipping & Billing Questions
Devon Williams

Bennie Ridgeway

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