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GoldSecure   Hybrid Denture

The GoldSecure   Hybrid Denture

Utilizes the Conus Concept, and incorporates CAD designed, parallel milled abutments that correct divergent implant angles. The 5° Gold SynCone attachments provide exceptional retention. The prosthesis is Implant supported, and removable like an overdenture for optimal hygiene.   

Functions and Fits Like a Hybrid!

Removable for Daily Hygiene!


What Makes it Different?


  • The non-resilient attachments provide a secure fit approaching that of a fixed appliance. 

  • The level of retention is unmatched by competing overdenture systems. 

  • The gold attachments are slightly malleable  allowing retention to improve over time. This eliminates the need for constant maintenance and replacement of attachments, unlike resilient systems.



  • 11 millimeters of space between the tissue surface (not implant surface) and opposing dentition.

  • Not available on external hex implant systems.  

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