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GoldSecure  Hybrid Lab Steps

  • 1st Appointment

Take a closed tray impression.


  • 2nd Appointment

Take verified open-tray impression using lab provided verification jig, with custom open-tray. Establish VDO with provided bite rim. Select denture tooth mold and shade.


  • 3rd Appointment

Denture Tooth Try-in to achieve an esthetically acceptable result that will be scanned, and used as a guide to fabricate the Conus Abutments within the confines of the denture base.


  • 4th Appointment

Final Try-In with cast reinforcement and milled Conus Abutments.


  • 5th Appointment

Torque in Conus Abutments and seat final denture provided no additional try-in is required.

Chairside Pickup of the Gold Retention Caps.

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