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GoldSecure™ Hybrid Denture Pricing 

GoldSecure   Hybrid

What’s Included:


  • 4 Conus Abutments*


  • 4 Conus 5º Tapered Caps*


  • 4 Model Analogs*


  • Soft Tissue Model*


  • Upper/Lower Vitallium Cast Metal Horsehoe Frame with Finishing Line


  • Premium Teeth: Bioform, Bioblend, Portrait, Ivoclar


  • Denture Set-up Try-in


  • Temporary Baseplate


  • Duplicate model


  • Premium Success Injection Processing



*Does not include  impression transfers.


Call or email Tom O'Donnell 800-677-4784 to discuss options and ordering.


*Each additional Implant (over 4) is additional $500.00 ea.


*Lead time is 3-4weeks - (Do not set a patient appointment)


*Exact Duplicate Conus Denture (over 4) is additional $1400.00


*Each additional Implant (over 4) on Duplicate Denture is $125.00

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