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Lava™ All-Ceramic System

The Lava™ All-Ceramic System comprises a CAD/CAM procedure for the fabrication of allceramic Crowns and Bridges for anterior and posterior applications. The ceramic framework consists of zirconia supplemented by a specially designed overlay porcelain (Lava™ Ceram). The zirconia can be colored in seven different shades. The frameworks are fabricated using CAD/CAM manufacturing techniques (scanning, computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing) for pre-sintered zirconia blanks. The milled framework, which size has been increased to compensate for the shrinkage during sintering, is sintered in a special hightemperature furnace, thus leading to a high strength restoration with excellent fit.


Every day more dentists ask their lab for the Lava brand from 3M ESPE. Lava restorations are made with Lava zirconia and are designed and milled with theinnovative Lava CAD/CAM system. The combinationof materials and precision milling produces a strong restoration with an excellent marginal fit.

With a broad range of indications available, it's easy to offer Lava™ restorations. 3M ESPE believes there is more to a partnership than just selling equipment. It is about consistency, security and support.




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