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Wironium® Bego Partial Dentures 

Wironium® Bego


Wironium® is a patented alloy that is enriched with nitrogen. It is characterized by a particularly high ductile yield, greater elongation limit, and superior strength. To ensure consistent quality, a sample is taken from each melt and tested. Technologically advanced computer-controlled equipment analyze the sample and determine its exact makeup, including the trace of elements, with an accuracy of 0.1%


When we speak of the "Art of Precision" in dentistry, we often think of crown and bridge fixed restorations. Now, we are proud to offer this same precision in a different art form: removable cobalt-chrome frameworks and combination cases. As you learn more about the Wironium® Chrome-Cobalt System, the in-depth training in which all licensed Wironium® laboratories participate in, and the alternative case planning opportunities you now have, a "partial" becomes a Precision Removable Appliance.

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