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Denture lies on model of  top tooth jaw

Respire Pink is a trademark of Respire Medical.


Respire Pink

Suitable Design for Patients with Bruxism at NighRespire Pink features an ergonomic design with telescopic hardware that’s fully personalized, ideal for people who experience teeth grinding. It works by allowing lateral and vertical movement, and opens up the airway for better airflow while holding the jaw in a position that prevents it from falling back and collapsing the airway.


  • Available in hard and hard/soft-fitting surface

  • Option to add elastic hooks and anterior discluding ramp

  • Option for reduced lingual coverage

  • Available with DentiTrac Compliance chip

  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Lateral Movement for Bruxism Patients

Respire Pink is designed with telescopic hardware that allows lateral jaw movement, making it a suitable sleep apnea treatment for people who grind their teeth at night.

GoldSecure  Hybrid

Utilizes the Conus Concept, and Incorporates CAD Designed, Parallel Milled Abutments that Correct Divergent Implant Angles. The Five Degree Gold SynCone Attachments Provide Exceptional Retention that Actually Improves Over Time.



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