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Vitallium® Frameworks 



Vitallium® Partial Denture Alloys are premium, no beryllium, no nickel, cobalt-chromium alloys manufactured using state-of-the-art continuous cast technology. Vitallium Partial Denture Alloys and related processing material have an established record of excellent performance. Vitallium Partial Denture Alloys and related processing material are designed to achieve the optimum in function and esthetics in  removable partial dentures. Strict adherence to the Vitallium processing technique is the key to a successful Vitallium partial denture. Vitallium is the registered tademark for the brand of cobalt-chromium alloy manufactured, tested and supplied by DENTSPLY. Vitallium Alloy is available only to licensed Vitallium Trademark laboratories, universities and government institutions. 

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